Short + Sweet Theatre 2018

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17 يوليو - 03 مارس 2018

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Feb 11, 2018
Jan 29, 2018
Mar 06, 2018
I liked being surprised by very talented actors and scripts.
Mar 05, 2018
It is fabulous to see this kind of theatre emerging in Dubai. The mix of cultures was exciting and demonstrated that Dubai is becoming a place with a pulse of its own. Fringe theatre enables people to address regional and global issues and helps us to better understand the complexities of our cultures. Short & Sweet is the perfect platform for this expression. I was very impressed with the standard of writing, directing and performances and look forward to seeing further productions.


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Short+Sweet Theatre is the largest showcase of 10 minute plays in the world. Now in its sixth year in Dubai, the 2018 Short+Sweet Theatre will be hosted by The Junction, Alserkal Avenue between January 26th and March 3rd.

Spread over six jam-packed weekends, more than 200 of Dubai’s most exciting actors, writers, directors and independent theatre companies will present over80 ten minute plays. The Dubai edition is also the second largest in the world behind only Sydney, the oldest and flagship of Short+Sweet.

There is something for everyone - comedy, drama, romance and thrillers.This year also includes a separate weekend of non-English plays showcasing the diversity of cultures and ethnicities who call Dubai home.

Short+Sweet Theatre can easily be called the maiden step into the world of Dubai theatre for both audiences and artistes. For many of us, Short+Sweet is where the most thrilling theatre experiments have taken place and also where many of us found the courage to ignite our theatrical dreams.

Event ended

17 يوليو - 03 مارس 2018