Dubai International Neuroscience Congress, Dubai, المؤتمرات
Dubai International Neuroscience Congress, Dubai, المؤتمرات

Dubai International Neuroscience Congress

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08:00 الخميس 29 مارس 2018


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Dubai International Neuroscience Congress
Dubai International Neuroscience Congress taking place 29-31 March 2018 in Dubai, UAE. The programme is designed to cover the latest contemporary approaches in Neurology and current updates on management and treatment in different areas; mental disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, bi polar disorders, adult eating disorders, and many more…
The congress will feature interactive case-studies, platform presentations, meet the expert sessions, educational workshops, networking sessions and more, to provide a comprehensive review of current issues and recent advances in the selected areas, as well as covering the future trends of neuroscience in the region. Join the Dubai International Neuroscience Congress and gain insights on recent updates as well as be one of the contributors in the advancement of this field, spreading the awareness and improve the quality of lives in the region.
Price: From USD 199-599

Main Speakers
-Abdulmuttaleb Al Sheikhly, President Neurologist, Iraq Society against Epilepsy, Iraq
-Khaldon Mozahen, Consultant Neurology, Head of Neurology Department American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, UAE
-Mohammad Saadah, Consultant Neurologist, Zayed Military Hospital, UAE
-Raidah Albaradie, President , Saudi Epilepsy Society, KSA
-Abdulaziz Ashkalani, Head Of Department Neurology Department, Dar Al Shifa Hospital, President, Kuwait Neurology Society. President, Kuwait League against Epilepsy.

تمّ إنتهاء الفعالية

08:00 الخميس 29 مارس 2018
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