NICOLAI FRIEDRICH – The Best Mentalist In The World

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24 Oct - 25 Nov 2017

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Very good
Nov 27, 2017
The performer was good and so were the tricks that he performed.
Nov 27, 2017
The performer, excellent
Nov 27, 2017
everyrhing was perfect and i enjoyed it very much
Nov 27, 2017
The performer was excellent!


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Do you believe someone can read your mind? NICOLAI FRIEDRICH can.

Producers AGP World DMCC present internationally renowned German Mentalist and Master of Illusion, NICOLAI FRIEDRICH who will be performing in Dubai for the first time ever to enthrall his audience with mind-bending skill. Not only will they witness but actually be part of an amazing family entertainment experience with a mixture of visual artistry, fantastic comedy and fascinating mental illusion.
NICOLAI was crowned “The Best Mentalist of The World” in Beijing 2009 and has since then performed in Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, U.K, Malta, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, China, Turkey, India, Germany, with more than 5000 shows to his credit.

With apparent effortlessness, NICOLAI FRIEDRICH breaks the laws of nature. Physical objects float, change their shape, or reappear in new and impossible places. His mentalism breaks the boundaries of traditional illusion, leading his audience to believe in impossible! He reads minds, as well as is able to control and influence thoughts. His audience witnesses that which is seemingly impossible and they actually participate in the experiments as NICOLAI FRIEDRICH demonstrates his mental powers to read minds along with the rare gift to look into the future!

Event ended

24 Oct - 25 Nov 2017