Deluxe Dhow Cruise Marina

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What you'll love

  • Enjoy a royal welcome from the affable staff with a welcome drink, fresh towels, Arabic dates, and coffee.
  • Cruise down the luxurious Dubai Marina coastline in a two-hour relaxing cruise.
  • Feast on a 3-course international buffet dinner.
  • Enjoy the marvellous architecture of Dubai’s skyscrapers and other landmarks lining the Marina.
  • Listen to peaceful Arabic music as you gently cruise down the canal.


About the cruise

Discover the delightful sights of the "Tallest Block of the World" as well as architectural marvels located a long Dubai Marina aboard a luxurious dhow dinner cruise.

Dubai Marina is an artificial canal that stretches over two miles, cutting through the Persian Gulf, harboring some of the most impressive architectural feats along its shores. These skyscrapers, brightly lit under the night sky and reflecting on the Marina, present an unforgettable sight of Dubai.

The dhows in which the cruise take place are a unique fusion of the old and new. Mostly made of wood, these traditional boats have evolved from the tiny sailed boats of the earlier centuries to the huge luxury cruising vessels of today. With facilities such as indoor-outdoor seating and 360-degree glass walls, dhow cruises are one of the most popular recreational experiences in Dubai. And pairing them with a 3-course international buffet only adds to the experience - magical as well as fulfilling.

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Very good
Nov 10, 2018
Thé view
Sep 20, 2018
The location was outstanding. Entertainment was on point.


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