Concert Series Season 29

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14 Oct - 29 Apr 2019
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Very good
May 01, 2019
Price, artists, place, the people, and the smiling crew
May 01, 2019
Apr 24, 2019
Apr 24, 2019


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8th April 2019

  • Zero Funks

Zero Funks is a Dubai-based Soul/Jazz/funk band consisting of 5 highly talented musicians from all parts of the world!

They are very well known around the country for performing everyone’s favourite cover songs in their own unique signature sound but at the Concert Series, everything changes.Zero Funks have been secretly cooking up some amazing original material that will finally be unleashed at the Concert Series main stage on the 8th of April.

  • Jaysus Zain

A story is the language the human heart understands, but you won’t just hear them from Jaysus Zain. He doesn’t just write them; he himself, is a story. Jaysus Zain’s writings are a unique and fine arrangement of everything that’s ever happened in his and other people’s lives. It is an understatement to call him just a great poet. Jaysus has the ability to split himself into multiple characters that are all intricately raw and beautiful. He uses words as his powerful medium for illustrating dreams, weaving visions, and telling stories.

15th April 2019

  • Chinua Hawk

Chinua Hawk is an American singer/songwriter who does not settle for microwave music. His slow cooker approach explores the intricacies of love through acoustic driven soul.

About his performance at Concert Series: "To say I am excited about this concert series is really an understatement. As a professional entertainer, I have performed in many places across the globe for various audiences. I've sung some of the most beautiful songs that have ever been written but every once in a while a special opportunity presents itself for me to be able to perform my songs. This concert series will be the first time I will be performing a full concert of my original songs here in Dubai and I am honored and humbled to be able to share my heart with you."

  • Jerome Deligero

Jerome Deligero has a smooth voice; heavily influenced by genres such as jazz, indie, folk, and RnB. Accompanied by his acoustic guitar skills that can get your head bobbing and feet tapping. Jerome's repertoire consists of a variety of genres like indie originals to groovy pop covers and even timeless jazz classics such as Frank Sinatra.

22nd April 2019

  • Kdun Albaz

Kdun Albaz is musical performer based in Dubai. As a self-taught Drummer and percussionist, he is passionate about exploring new rhythms and melodies. In 2011 he discovered the HANGDRUM, a unique instrument with enchanting and haunting acoustics.

He is the first in the world to create a new genre of music on the HANGDRUM which integrates modern styles and rhythms with culturally themed melodies on both traditional and contemporary instruments.

One of a new breed of 21st century world musicians playing original tracks that are self composed and produced, K-dun’s latest musical endeavor reflects his collaboration with musicians from more than 13 countries, invited or residing in the cosmopolitan musical incubator of Dubai where his ambitious global project has culminated in the album ‘City Vibes’.

29th April 2019


MONTEATH is most often likened to Kings of Leon with hints of John Mayer. With a mix of cultural backgrounds including India, the Philippines, Portugal, Germany & Chile, the band pull from a variety of influences towards their music. They are truly a local, home-grown act, all 4 members having grown up in the UAE.

They perform melodic, groove-oriented original compositions and will be launching their debut album, 'Moonlight' at the Concert Series. Rony Sarkis Rony Sarkis is a Dubai based singer, songwriter & harmonica player who's genre of music includes Acoustic, Indie, Pop & Blues.

His growing repertoire of music includes covers performed in his own style in addition to original music that is in the process of being recorded & to be released.

Event ended

14 Oct - 29 Apr 2019
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