Playing Light Playing Dark in The Theater - Mall Of Emirates

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19:30 Sat 06 Mar 2021
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Mar 08, 2021


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Playing Light Playing Dark in The Theater - Mall Of Emirates

Date & Time: 6 March at 8:00 pm (doors open at 7:30pm)

Age: 10+

Duration: 60 mins

An astonishing fusion of music and visual arts

We are celebrating rare talent coming together! The visual artist Aisha Juma, renowned
for her distinct painting process of the male and female nature; Pianist Tala Tutunji; the
singer Corrine Metni; and the guitarist Feras Rada have joined forces to take us on a
one-of-a-kind journey through our own darkness and light.

The eclectic event will blend Musical Theatre, Western Classical, and Arabic Music with
shadow painting displays. The dynamic rhythm flows into intimate sounds, and feeling melts
into wit, leading to an unforgettable experience!

“In this journey, it took no great courage to transcend or embrace qualities that hinder or
allow one to be whole, complete, creatively alive, and more importantly compassionate
not just towards others but primarily towards one’s own usual darkness and light.” - Aisha Juma.

Event ended

19:30 Sat 06 Mar 2021
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