Dubai E-permit Application Guide

Hosting an event in Dubai ? Then you require an event permit from  Dubai Tourism Commercial Marketing (DTCM). As per Dubai Government Decree No. 25 of 2013  events in category of Sport, Entertainment, Business, Fashion, Art, Culture, ticketed or non ticketed require a DTCM permit.
Here is a DIY guide of how to set up your event with DTCM and get ready to sell tickets with Platinumlist.
Alternatively you can use our  Express E-Permit application services  to save time.
3.5 Click add activity and select the type of event.
3.6 Select venue type and classification, venue, sub venue, Event start / end date time.

Warning ! If your event is one day but finishes after midnight be sure to chose the same date in "event end date” and "event start date” event thoght the event actualy ends the next day. For exmaple if the event starts at 19:00 06 May 2016 and ends 03:00 07 May 2016. You should be inputing the dates same as it shown in the screen shot. Otherwise you will be charged for 2 permissions.

Once done click continue the application.

3.7 On the next page select the registered event coordinator.

If there are no registered event coordinators contact the venue and request them to register the event coordinator.
It is mandatory for every venue to have an event coordinator in Dubai.

3.8 Add the detail of the event owner
3.9 Add participants information.

A participant is the person that will be performing on stage. This does not need to include event staff only the persons performing on stage. e.g. Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Djs etc.


Once done click continue the application.

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