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JUNOON RETURNS!!!!......Fans and music lovers have waited for 13 years to hear these 2 words.
Following months of rumours and speculation about a possible comeback, the world’s top Sufi Rock band, which split in 2005, has finally reunited and is set to make music again, together!!!

The iconic band’s much awaited reunion, featuring its three members – Salman Ahmad, Ali Azmat and Brian O’Connell – kicks off in Karachi, Pakistan, in December 2018 and will be followed by a series of concerts around the world, THE FIRST BEING IN DUBAI...THE INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE!!!!

Organised by Oberoi Middle East Events, the international premiere show, titled Junoon Returns 2019 – The International Premiere: The Comeback Concert”, will be held on January 18, 2019 at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium.

“We are delighted that Junoon has chosen Dubai and our company to launch their reunion world tour,” said Naresh Oberoi, Founder and Chairman of Oberoi (Middle East) Events. “Incidentally it was at ‘Jaan Yehi Dosti Hai-The sequel’, the concert organised by us in 2004, where Salman, Ali and Brian publicly performed together for the last time ever. And now, following their reunion, they will be performing at their first international concert together also at our event. It will be a historic night,” he added.

Widely regarded as the best band Pakistan has ever produced, Junoon ruled the South Asian music industry through the 1990s and early 2000s. With Salman as lead guitarist and songwriter, Ali as lead vocalist and Brian on bass guitar, the band produced several critically and commercially successful albums, including ‘Inquilab’, ‘Azadi’ and ‘Parvaaz’. Singles such as ‘Jazba-e-Junoon’, ‘Sayonee’, ‘Saeein’, ‘Bulleya’ and ‘Khudi’ conquered the charts and stayed there for months. Junoon earned raging popularity for its unique and pioneering Sufi Rock sound, which blended western rock music with elements of Pakistani folk songs and classical poetry.

International Achievements:

  • The ‘New York Times’ even compared their music to that of legendary Irish rock band U2.
  • Collectively, Junoon released 19 albums: 7 studio albums; 1 soundtrack; 2 live albums; 4 video albums and 5 compilations.....
  • They won “The Best International Group” Award at the Channel (V) Awards in Delhi.
  • “Nigar Award” for Jinnah soundtrack song Azadi.
  • Jazba Junoon 1996 World Cup Cricket theme song is now Pakistani anthem globally.
  • Academy award winning actress Susan Sarandon presented a film on Junoon.
  • Junoon has 100 million plus albums sold worldwide.
  • Sayonee is the most covered Junoon song in India - A new Bollywood film will have Sayonee as the theme song. 
  • The band also performed at prestigious events such as the Millennium Peace Concert in Paris and the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark.  
  • In 2001, Junoon also became the first rock band to perform at the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Following multiple prestigious awards and sellout international tours, the band broke up in 2005 after Brian went back to the US and Ali set out to pursue a solo career. He subsequently released two solo albums.  

Salman, also the band’s founder, retained the ‘Junoon’ brand name and regularly released music under the label. He simultaneously gained immense recognition for his social activism and has served as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS Programme, spreading awareness about HIV in South Asia. As a polio goodwill ambassador for Rotary International, Salman has tirelessly worked for eradication of polio in Pakistan.  

Throughout these years, while former band members were engaged in solo careers, fans kept Junoon the band and its music alive in their hearts, never losing hope of a reunion.....

Salman Ahmad, the Producer/ Lead Gutarist of Junoon stated:

“Nothing great can be achieved without passion and enthusiasm. Junoon is thrilled to be partnering with Oberoi Middle East Events for its 1st international concert in Dubai on January 18, in over a decade.It promises a night of Jazba & Junoon for all”.

“Junoon is not just a band, it’s a phenomenon with a cult-like following that cuts across geographical boundaries and age groups. We have brought Junoon to Dubai for 4 concerts in the past. Every time they have performed at our event, the arena has been packed to capacity, breaking attendance records,” said Oberoi. “The band’s split was heartbreaking for everyone. Thousands of Junoonis have been waiting for years to see Salman, Ali and Brian get back together. ‘Junoon Returns’ will see everyone’s dream finally coming true. It promises to be a highly emotional and memorable event that no fan will want to miss,” he concluded.


OME & Events Brief: Oberoi Middle East Events (OME) is rated one of the top and reputed event management companies in the region, operating in the UAE with our brands “OME” and “ONE WORLD ONE MUSIC”, since over 3 decadesand have been the pioneers in staging world-class events in the UAE, with over 90 grand Bollywood concerts and events, rated as the most successful and highly witnessed events in the UAE. OME Events is reputed for the grand scale of their productions and meticulous detailing of every aspect of the show. Among the many concepts it has pioneered and popularised is the peace initiative of putting singers from India and Pakistan on one common stage, a trend that was subsequently followed by others. Going from strength to strength with every event, the company continues to break new ground and raise the bar for live music shows......   We are proud to have been associated with our brands "OME" and "One World One Music" and collaborated since 2003 with Dubai Festivals & Retail Est./ DTCM, and staged over 15 spectacular Bollywood concerts and events, acclaimed as the most spectacular events in the regions' history for DSF, DSS, Eid In Dubai etc. Festivals - witnessed by huge volumes of South Asians in the region, and marking the biggest turnover audiences in the history of UAE!!!             

Tickets: Will be available from 
Children below 3 years – No ticket...No seat!! 
For further info: Contact Oberoi Middle East Events 050 809 7020 | | Facebook & Instagram: Oberoi Events


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