Japanism Sensation - A musical Cultural Fest

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20:00 Fri 21 Sep 2018

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Sep 25, 2018
Nothing, the whole event was a complete unorganized mess
Sep 24, 2018
The place - the show
Sep 24, 2018
This was a horrible event. Please see below my comments:
1. The venue on the ticket stated Madinat Theater, but in reality it was Madinat Arena. So i had to walk from one venue to another in the heat of 40 degrees outside.
2. My ticket said the event starts at 7 pm, so i arrived at 6:45. apparently the event time changed to 8:30 and noone communicated this. Then when 8:30 occurred, we were told that the event actually will not start until 9 pm. So the event actually started at 9:10. Nobody even apologized to us for waiting for 2+ hours.
2. The host on the stage was horrible...couldn't speak proper English, kept calling the artists "disables" which to me is unacceptable. He also was shamelessly reading from the paper while on stage which really showed his incompetence as well as his not being ready for the show.
to be continued in the next box
Sep 24, 2018


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JAPANISM SENSATION is a Musical Cultural Fest first time ever in Dubai featuring HEAVENESE, a Gospel unit composed by Marre and Kumiko, a 9-times Grammy Winner, Andrae Crouch. In October 2012, their first EP was released world wide that fuses Japanese soul music and Black music into a new art from previously not existing.

ZUIHO TAIKO, born in 1987 as a Japanese drum club for workers with Intellectual disabilities to improve their leisure time. In 2001, they began playing as a professional Japanese drum team as they had dreamed. Zuiho Taiko has received outstanding performance awards at home and abroad. In June 2006, they were also honored to play at the Prime Minister's Office.

Note: There is no parking available, please use public transportation.

Event ended

20:00 Fri 21 Sep 2018