المستوى 148 + 125 + 124 الدخول العام - برج خليفة

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المزيد من المعلومات

At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY (Level 148)

Enjoy an unparalleled city and desert views at 555 metres (1,821 ft) high from Burj Khalifa's Level 148. In this experience, you have the luxury of both relaxing in an opulent outdoor terrace or a premium lounge. Take on a guided tour to Level 148, before heading over to levels 125 and 124.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa (Levels 125 and 124)

Marvel at the heights as well as the awesome sights of Dubai's city skyline, desert and sea in both 125th and 124th level observation decks, where you can stay as long as you like. 

Dubai – A Falcon's Eye View and Virtual Reality Experience at Level 125
Ever wondered how Dubai looks like from a falcon's perspective? Step on to this state-of-the-art visual presentation that details the city's landmarks and structures when viewed from above then set off on a virtual reality experience to the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa. And if you're brave enough, hop on an inspired glass-floor with a twist. Feel the glass crack underneath your feet, as you explore the lofty heights from 456 meters in air.

End your journey with a relaxing time at Level 124's outdoor terrace, where you can find avant-garde, high powered, telescopes.

Important Information:

  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa is open from 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • Tickets are available for timeslots every 30 minutes.
  • Tickets for prime hours (sunset time) more costly than non-prime hours (rest of the day).
  • Entry to the Burj Khalifa is time specific. However, once you're inside, you can stay for as long as you like. People on average spend 40-45 minutes at the observatory.
  • Due to its popularity, you might have to wait anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes at the elevator queue.

Keep in Mind

  • Children under the age of four years do not have to purchase a ticket. A reduced ticket price is valid for children between the ages of 4 and 12.
  • Adult prices apply to anyone over the age of 12.
  • No large pieces of luggage are allowed inside, but you can check them in at the Secure Baggage Area, located near the entrance. Handbags, cameras, and other small accessories are allowed inside. However, photography inside the theater is strictly prohibited.


Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa 1 Emaar Boulevard Downtown Dubai Dubai, UAE
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الأسعار تبدأ من:
398.25 AED
شراء التذاكر
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