Sound Of The 60's

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Jul 28, 2019
The show got canceled!! Are you folks dreaming ? Customer service?
Jul 27, 2019
Nothing because the event was postponed! So WHY are you writing to me asking what I thought of it? Modern technology does not understand what REAL Customer Service is about.

You should KNOW it was postponed.


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دبي تضحك: جيمي كار - مضحك للغاية, Sheikh Rashid Hall, World Trade Centre, العروض الكوميدية
195.00 AED
متبقي تذاكر قليلة
سونو نيغام مباشر في دبي, Sheikh Rashid Hall, World Trade Centre, فنون الثقافة الهندية
250.00 AED
يباع سريعا
حديقة لاقونا المائية, Laguna Waterpark, La Mer, الحدائق المائية
99.00 AED
هذا العرض يشمل مأكولات ومشروبات غير محدودة
متحف الغموض, Museum Of Illusions, Dubai, التجارب المشوّقة, الفعاليات الترفيهية والعروض المميزة
49.00 AED
80.00 AED

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"Think back to an era when Rubber Soul and Revolver by The Beatles were high in the charts the Mini was the car to have – as was the skirt – and great music filled with guitars and harmonies could be heard from most radios.
Now come back to the present day – The Mini car has just celebrated its 50th birthday and is still going strong; The Beatles’ albums have just been re-released and The Revolvers are bringing the great music of the 60’s back to life recreating the youthful look and the hits from your favourite 60's artists
Suited and booted, The Revolvers are an energetic tribute to the lost decade of the 60's. The Revolvers cover songs from artists such as Small Faces,The Kinks, The Beatles, The Who, Spencer Davis Group, The Rolling Stones and many more...."

(appears at the top of the ticket)

(must be the same email used to buy the ticket)