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مايو 03, 2021
Such a cool experience in the heart of Dubai!
ابريل 21, 2021
This was my 3rd visit to TEPfactor. I played in teams of 2,3,4 people. Normally the price is 100 ead/person/hour, which is very high. But Ramadan price (100 aed/person/2hours) is acceptable. For 2 hours you will get nice play exploring 20 rooms. Some rooms are easy, some are hell ) Good to visit with your co-workers, especially in a team of 3. Try it ) And take water with you, you will be thirsty after 2 hours of walking, running, thinking.
مايو 06, 2021
ابريل 23, 2021


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أي إم جي - عالم من المغامرات, IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai, الحدائق والمنتزهات, التجارب المشوّقة, الفعاليات الترفيهية والعروض المميزة
175.00 AED
نضمن أفضل الأسعار
دبي من قمة برج خليفة ، الطابق 124 و 125, Burj Khalifa, برج خليفة, التجارب المشوّقة, الفعاليات الترفيهية والعروض المميزة
117.66 AED
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متحف الغموض - دبي, Museum Of Illusions, Dubai, التجارب المشوّقة, الفعاليات الترفيهية والعروض المميزة
50.00 AED
65.00 AED
كيدزانيا دبي, The Dubai Mall, التجارب المشوّقة, الفعاليات الترفيهية والعروض المميزة
80.00 AED
عروض حصرية على التطبيق الخاص بنا
دبي أكواريوم وحديقة الحيوانات المائية, The Dubai Mall, التجارب المشوّقة, الفعاليات الترفيهية والعروض المميزة
140.00 AED
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حلبة دبي للتزلج, The Dubai Mall, التجارب المشوّقة, الفعاليات الترفيهية والعروض المميزة
95.00 AED
عروض حصرية على التطبيق الخاص بنا
Dig It دبي, Dig It Dubai, التجارب المشوّقة
80.00 AED

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The ULTIMATE Adventure Experience in Dubai!  

At TEPfactor, teams face 21 different challenges putting their patience, skill, fitness, and logic to the test. In groups of two to six players, the bonding experience will unite families and friends as they take on the challenge and get into the spirit of friendly competition! Creating unforgettable memories of motivation and laughter.  


  • Discover the hidden caves of JBR!
  • Ultimate adventure experience with 21 challenges.
  • Enjoy with family and friends!
  • Put your fitness, patience, logic, and skill to the ULTIMATE test.
  • A game within a game. Succeed to reach the 4 ultimate challenges!
  • Have fun anytime at an indoor adventure experience.

Know Before You Go  

Maximum of 5 players per team. Attire: Comfortable activewear and sneakers are advised.   Age: 13+ (children aged 8 to 12 will require a participating adult on their team) Lockers: Complimentary lockers available to store belongings.  



Get up to 3 hours free when presenting your ticket from any of The Beach parking.  


Keeping You Safe

  • All common areas are deep cleaned twice a day.
  • All challenges are sanitized after each team/use.
  • The caves are operating at a 50% capacity, with only 8-9 teams at a given time.
  • Installed sanitization stations across the cave and at the entrance of each challenge.
  • All players must fill a pre-registration form and pre-screening questions prior to arriving for their experience.
  • The temperature of all players and staff is measured and recorded on arrival.
  • Kindly arrive on time. If you arrive any later than 30 minutes post the booking time, you may not be able to get a full 2 hours of game time - and depending on arrival time might be refused entry.
  • Valid daily between 12pm and 6pm during the Holy month of Ramadan.
  • Additional game time beyond 2 hours is charged at the regular rate.
  • Maximum 10 players can redeem this pass at a time. 
  • Not to be combined with any other offers or discounts.
  • TEPfactor staff can refuse the entry of customers based on temperature and other circumstances as enforced by the Dubai Municipality & DHA.
  • Experience is not refundable.

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