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17 - 09 ابريل 2021

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ابريل 11, 2021
ابريل 11, 2021
Fantastic performance. Dubai needs more of these!
ابريل 11, 2021
Amazing performance, brilliant choreography, and dancers
ابريل 03, 2021
Sensational and intense contemporary dance, music choice was great. Venue is nice


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المزيد من المعلومات

Presented by Sima Performing Arts, three women from different corners of the world will each premiere their choreographic work in a combined 50-minute contemporary dance production, performed by lead artists of Sima Dance Company.

“Sentience” Choreography by Elizabeth Stott

Is a choreographic exploration of the conversations we have within our own minds. The piece, danced by 6 dancers, represents the struggle and balance of our own critical inner voice, its influence over us, and whether or not we choose to let it affect us.

“1000 FEET “ Choreography by Tomomi Aramaki

Even if we are taken a lot, We are ground, we are root, we are stem. My feet never stop to step on.

“The Fall” Choreography by Lana Fahmi

A Fall by definition is an event that results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground, another definition is to become of a lower level, degree, quality, value, etc as a result of a sudden loss of support. Now, what if you get to experience the act of falling emotionally, mentally, or psychologically? What if previous life events were too heavy on this person’s life that made him/her fall constantly?! You fall but you are determined to rise again, till when? How many falls a person can endure?

-Mazen Al Nahlawi
-Luis Aguirre
-Beto Bahamon
-Kristina Aksakova
-Rei Kassandra Co

تمّ إنتهاء الفعالية

17 - 09 ابريل 2021
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