Capturing Pablo - An evening w/ Javier Pena and Steve Murphy

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18 Jul - 06 Oct 2017

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Very good
Oct 10, 2017
The presenters
Oct 09, 2017
Everything was on time and the event was incredible to watch to see both those men speak of all what they experienced was great
Oct 09, 2017
Nice interactive talk
Oct 08, 2017
interesting topic. speakers could have been more engaging, but in general it was interesting.


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An Evening With: Javier Pena and Steve Murphy

Meet the DEA Agents who captured the notorious criminal Pablo Escobar in Dubai this October

'Capturing Pablo' - An intoxicating evening into the Life of Pablo Escobar with former DEA Agents Javier Pena & Steve Murphy at Dubai College

Step into the world of the two DEA Agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy for exclusive insights and untold truth about the life of the wealthiest drug kingpin ever known, Pablo Escobar. 117Live will be hosting the former DEA Agents involved in the downfall of the notorious criminal at The Auditorium, Dubai College on 5th and 6th October 2017.

This exclusive talk show, 'Capturing Pablo', will have Agents Murphy and Pena speak about the rise and fall of the Colombian drug lord and the years spent hunting the world's first narco-terrorist who killed thousands of people to protect his billion-dollar empire. The Agents will also highlight their role in bringing down both the Medellin Cartel empire and its leader.

Commenting on the upcoming show, CEO of 117Live Thomas Ovesen said “We want to bring more unique, real-life and thrilling live shows to the region. Capturing Pablo throws light on what has been known as one of the most high-profile investigations in the world. For the first time in the UAE, fans and those inquisitive about the life of Pablo Escobar can hear first-hand from the Agents instrumental in the capture of the notorious criminal."

To be held in UAE for the first time, the limited-seating show will reveal facts and untold truth that fans have never heard before, followed by an interactive session through open Q&As from the audience.

About Javier Pena & Steve Murphy
Javier Pena was brought up in Kingsville, Texas and in 1984 he joined the US DEA. Four years later the Retired Special Agent in Charge volunteered for an assignment in Bogota, Colombia. Steve Murphy began his career in 1975 as a Police Officer in Virginia. In 1987, Murphy joined the DEA as a Special Agent and was assigned to Miami, Florida, where the cocaine trade was exploding. It was there where Murphy and Pena, set out to bring down the Medellin drug cartel and its notorious narco-terrorist leader Pablo Escobar.

Event ended

18 Jul - 06 Oct 2017