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08:30 Wed 07 Nov 2018

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Nov 13, 2018
we can get more information and innovation inspiration from the expertise for the court development become court excellence
Nov 10, 2018
Every things
Nov 10, 2018
العنوان والطرح المتميز للفعالية

حسن الاستقبال وكرم الضيافة

تنوع المشاركين من عدة دول من العالم
Nov 12, 2018


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The ICCE, International Consortium for Court Excellence, consists of members (judiciaries and organisations) from across the world including Europe, Australasia, Asia and the United States.
The members act as ambassadors for the IFCE, promoting the benefits and importance of its implementation into court systems across the globe.
For more information, please consult the website :

The Dubai Conference on Court Excellence and Innovation: Today & Tomorrow 2018 Aims to highlight the key values and success factors in the International Framework for Court Excellence (IFCE) and to identify international best practice and challenges in current Courts around the globe, as well as discussing the practical strategies that are vital to achieving court excellence within all judicial systems. Building on the success of the ICCE Conference held in Melbourne, Australia 2017, we will provide you with relevant insight into the developments taking place in court innovation and the exciting future in store for courts around the world, in light of technological developments.

Topics of Discussion
• Challenges and Best Practices in Judicial Leadership and Governance
• Improving Access to Justice, Court Strategies and Collaboration
• Pursuing Court Excellence in tandem with Technological Advancements
• Courts’ Management of Blockchain and Smart Contracts
• AI Adjudication of Cases
• The Future of Cybersecurity
• The Future of Cyberlaw, Electronic Evidence etc.
• Big Data: Right to Privacy vs. Transparency

Who Should Attend:
• Judiciary
• Court Administrators
• Legal Practitioners
• Policymakers
• Academics
• Government Organisations
• Legal Tech Experts
• Futurists

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T: +971 4 427 4403

Event ended

08:30 Wed 07 Nov 2018