Holistic Weight Loss Programme

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23 فبراير - 30 ديسمبر 2019


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Offering a Holistic approach on weight loss, Rayya Wellness centre at the Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel provides a series of consultations and weekly follow-up with nutritionists health coaches and naturopathic consultants, slimming body treatments, cryo & cryolipolysis sessions, nutritionally-balanced eating plans, fitness coaching, one-day detox juicing and more.

With comprehensive guidance and education throughout the entire month, your personal coach will provide all the tools needed to ensure weight loss success.

This programme will help you achieve:

·         Safe and sustainable weight loss

·         Fat Loss

·         To develop healthy habits to last a lifetime

·         To improve your energy levels and physical mobility

·         To promote emotional wellbeing

The Programme includes:

·         In-body assessment (before & after the programme)

·         One-on-one consultation with the in-house nutritionist from Glenville Nutrition Centre (GNC)

·         1-Month meal plan and a food guide by GNC

·         Weekly session for a month (4 sessions) with Holistic Health coach and Health & Happiness journal handover

·         2 cryotherapy sessions

·         2 sessions of Drainage and Detox Massage

·         1-day beach and Pool access including a detox juice cleanse experience

·         One-on-one consultation with Fitness coach with a 1-month fitness programme with video instructions

·         NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) session

·         Meditation & relaxation techniques with Yogi Master for better sleep and stress-control

·         Salt of the Earth kit for your sleep ritual

·         Constant follow up by our health coach throughout the programme 

For More information and to book your complimentary consultation, please call +971(0) 4 524 7777
or email

Event ended

23 فبراير - 30 ديسمبر 2019