Dune Buggy Polaris RZR 1000

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You can have a buggy safari in Dubai using our Polaris RZR Cars which will give you a unforgettable and stunning experience. Join us for the buggy experience of a lifetime!



What can I expect on this tour?
An adventurous in the desert to explore and experience the powerful Polaris RZR Safari, which you can ride all by yourself. You will be given a safety briefing once you arrive at out Camp, provided suitable equipment, all maintained at the highest hygiene standard.

We will then give you a introduction of the buggy controls. 

There will be a 10-15 minute slow riding period so you can feel comfortable with the capability of the buggy and familiarise yourself with the controls, which will then intensify as time progresses at your speed. You will have a fully trained guide at all times to assist you and keep you safe.

Is the dune buggy Polaris RZR Safari safe?
This excursion is only for those above the age of 15 years. Yes, it is safe as all dune buggies are fitted with full roll cage, bucket seats and a safety harness. You are also provided with safety goggles, gloves and helmets. One of our experienced guide would be with you at all times.

  • ProfessionalTour Guide
  • Riding Equipemnt
  • Drinks

Pick-up and Drop Off : 150 aed (Per person)

  • passport or emirates ID

تمّ إنتهاء الفعالية

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