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19:30 الخميس 22 اكتوبر 2020

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اكتوبر 24, 2020
اكتوبر 29, 2020
Snacks availability
Easy access to tickets. Venue....

اكتوبر 26, 2020
The artist and entry protocols and seating fully compliant with COVID measures
اكتوبر 25, 2020
I wanted to support people like nemr because he is supporting lebanon


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Stand Up Comedian Nemr at Dubai Opera

Date: 22 October 2020, 8pm


Lebanese/American stand-up comedian Nemr Abu Nassar makes his debut at Dubai Opera with brand new material on 22 October.

Funny-man NEMR is credited with establishing and pioneering the stand-up comedy scene throughout the Middle East where he performs in English. An accomplished stand-up comic with eight full feature shows, Nemr's second world tour, 'Love Isn't the Answer', successfully stretched from the US to the Middle East, with crowds of up to 6,000 people at every show.

That global event was captured in his hit comedy special, 'No Bombing in Beirut', which was filmed in both Lebanon and Los Angeles, and premiered on Showtime, and is now available worldwide. Following his successful world tour, 'Love Isn't the Answer', the premiere of his comedy special 'No Bombing in Beirut', and Nemr's brand new show, 'The Future is NOW!'.

Hosted by stand-up comedian Ali Al Sayed, expect a show that is uproarious, and just plain hilarious!

House & Event Policies
2+ years would require a ticket to enter the Auditorium.
Below 2 years are not permitted into the Auditorium.
Due to mature of content and adult themes, this event is recommended for Patrons 18 years and above.
Patrons under 18 years are permitted at Parents’ discretion and must be accompanied by an adult.
Latecomers may only be admitted at a suitable pause.
Any use of mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices inside the auditorium is strictly prohibited
The Opera Cafe opens two hours before the performance

Important information:
Entry may be refused if the below conditions are not met
-Please make your seat selection strictly based on your group size (1,2,3 or 4)
-Any selection that is not based on the group size can lead to entry rejection on the day of the event
-The maximum number of seats that can be selected online is up to 4 seats.
-When choosing your seats online please make sure no empty seat remains next to your selection
-Wearing a face mask is mandatory at all times, including inside the Auditorium. You will be asked to leave if you are not wearing your face mask correctly.
-Please do not attend if you have covid symptoms



تمّ إنتهاء الفعالية

19:30 الخميس 22 اكتوبر 2020


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