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Dubai is a city known for its many man-made wonders. One among them is the Dubai Safari Park that scales over an area of 119 hectares. This nature park houses over 2,500 varieties of animals, ranging from deer to moon bears.

Dubai Safari Park is divided into 5 different villages:

Asian Village
Experience the beauty and diversity of Asia as you travel through the Aisan Village. The Village is home to an abuandance of wonderful creatures, from tigers to Gibbons and Moon Bears. Visitors will learn new, fun and exciting facts about the animals who live on this intriguing continent from Dubai Safari Park's team of expert keepers and guides.

Explorer Village
The main attraction fo Dubai Safari Park is the safari Journey at the Eplorer Village. Here our guests are taken on a journey of discovery through the wonders of Africa and Asia in one of our comfortable buses.

African Village
Tour through the African Village and see some of the world's biggest and most beautiful animals including Lions, Elephants and Giraffes. Guides will point out the animals to visitors as they walk through the African Village - they willl even help you spot some of the Village's hard to find inhabitants who may be sleeping, or just being shy.

Arabian Village
Start your adventure around Dubai Safari Park here! Dubai Safari Park marshall will meet visitors at the park entrance before taking a trip through the Arabian Village. Home to some of the best-known animals from across the Middle East, visitors will see Camels, Arabian Oryx, Arabian Wolves and even Moutain Gazelles.

  • Giraffe Feeding
  • Kids Farm
  • Kids Interactice Activities
  • Grand Aviary

Opening Hours

Everyday, from 10AM to 6PM

Free Entry for Children (Under 3 years)

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Dubai Safari Park
  • All visitors are required to maintain a minimum of 2-meters from each other at all times
  • All visitors have to go through thermal screening and temperature checks upon entering the venue
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided to all visitors upon arrival
  • All activities, including bus tours, will be conducted in adherence to COVID-19 safety measures. 


Dubai Safari Park
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ضعيف جداً
ابريل 06, 2021
Easy to explore, not much walking under the sun
ابريل 04, 2021
Organization as whole
ابريل 03, 2021
The flow of the park. The safari.
مارس 28, 2021
Great place with a large variety of animals!


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