تودا - من مونيه إلى كاندينسكي. الفن الثوري

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"From Monet to Kandinsky. Revolutionary Art"- Last chance to see! 

ToDA is the very first & unique DIGITAL ART SPACE in the UAE which offers visitors to experience art differently from a traditional gallery visit. Its uniqueness lies in the revolutionary way of discovering masterpieces of the world’s most notable and contemporary artists. ToDA’s breath-taking digital art shows combine high-end technologies with classical art accompanied by stunning music, visual effects and surround sound.

ToDA’s impressive art space covers over 1,800 m2 with projection all over the walls, floor, and ceiling. Full immersive projection of images installed on all surfaces creates a unique exhibition space which immerses visitors into the beautiful world of art.

Digital Art Show «From Monet to Kandinsky. Revolutionary Art», currently performed at ToDA, presents the most important art movements of late 19th and early 20th centuries: impressionism, pointillism, post-impressionism, cubism and expressionism. The rapid development of art during that period is illustrated by the works of 9 remarkable masters - Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Paul Cézanne, Juan Gris, Robert Delaunay, Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky – they all had in common an invincible desire to transform art to the next level, to find new suggestive and visual forms to capture the tremendous upheavals of their time.

ToDA aims to increase awareness of world’s Art and contemporary art through unique modern technologies and special visual & sound effects.

Visit the Theatre of Digital Art and Redeem the value of your adult ticket against your bill at all participating Souk Madinat's restaurants, including Trattoria, Perry & Blackwelder’s, The Noodle House, Anar, Belgian Beer Café, Ushna, Publique!  

*AED 75 off your total bill against a minimum spend of AED 150 per person.


In addition to this show, you will explore "ColorsXColors" show - a mysterious content that compiles the most breath-taking video elements centred around paint macro and its diverse reactions.


Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
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ضعيف جداً
يناير 16, 2021
ابريل 26, 2021
Different kind of experience
ابريل 05, 2021
What an incredible experience!! This show was done so well, I was completely immersed. We loved every second.
ابريل 01, 2021
very creative


الأسعار تبدأ من:
75.00 AED
شراء التذاكر
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